Production Design Week

"Designing a film is like
painting a landscape
in a hurricane"

production designer
Richard Sylbert

Graphics - GRID cutout black

Production design translates scripted words into realized worlds.

design is the craft of creating the visual environment of stories told on screen.

Production design encompasses the analysis of a story’s aesthetics, construction of physical and digital sets, selection and alteration of locations, landscaping, decoration of interiors, fabrication of graphics and procurement of props and vehicles.

The production designer creates and develops the overall look, atmosphere, and visual world of a project.

The production designer works closely with the director, producer, cinematographer, costume designer and others to construct the overall aesthetic of the story.

Assisted by members of the art department, the production designer translates the director’s vision into a physical landscape.

International Production Design Week is organized by the Production Designers Collective, a group of over 1100 colleagues dedicated to mutual support through sharing knowledge, encouragement and experience. 

The Production Designers Collective creates and shares production design content through its website, newsletter and social media. The Collective organizes a variety of international events, from online sessions to in-person workshops, meetups and panels, often in collaboration with design organizations and film festivals around the world.

Production Design