Production Design Week

A Graphic Designer Made That: Building Worlds Through Graphic Design

October 28
15:00 – 16:00 ET
Graphic design for film + tv is a weird, wonderful, and demanding job. But most things graphic designers create for the screen are hidden in tiny everyday details that no one consciously thinks about. Newspapers. Photographs. Product labels. Store signs. Car Decals. Carpets. Wallpapers. Surface patterns. Things that — when designed well — are so immersive that viewers don’t even realize that somewhere, in a busy Art Department office surrounded by flurries of script pages, research, material samples, and architectural drawings – a graphic designer was making it all.

This job has become explosively popular in recent years thanks to high-profile designers who have done a lot of good work to shed light on this career path. The role and capabilities of a graphic designer within the larger world of Production Design is rapidly growing. New technologies allow us to digitally design and produce things that may have been done exclusively by hand or traditional methods in the past. Graphic design skills + modern print and fabrication technologies have film industry graphic artists tackling anything from the typical suspects (logos, flyers, environmental graphics and signage) to more complex, architectural pieces like stained glass windows, or surface patterns for wallpaper, flooring, tapestries, and textiles.

Join Gina Alessi, a US-based film industry graphic designer as she hosts a candid chat about:

• The role of graphic design in worldbuilding and production design
• Gathering & analyzing graphics research and learning from the world around us
• PD meets GD: Building creative trust with your team
• Q&A Session with film designer and educator Gina Alessi

The event is open to veryone! Especially young designers and students or anyone interested in the role that graphic design plays in the world of Production Design.

About the Organizer:

Gina Alessi is a graphic designer for film and television with over 8 years of experience in the U.S. film industry and designs featured in 40+ shows and commercials. She is the creator of a new two-part masterclass, A Graphic Designer Made That: How to be a Graphic Designer for Film and Television.