Production Design Week

Circular Design: Universal Language in Sustainability

London, UK
October 28
14:00 – 14:45 BST
Indie-Zero Film Studios
61 Kellner Rd, SE28 0AX London
♻️ Creating sustainable films that involve universal collaboration among all departments is a laudable goal. This not only benefits the environment but also aligns with the growing demand from audiences for more environmentally conscious entertainment. We need a universal language between all departments; it's a collaboration, we can’t have a silo mentality.

👯‍♀️ How can we find a way to coordinate with production teams to make this a feasible process that becomes standard practice?

📣 Join us in a discussion on how to make these goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

About the Organizer:

BFDG The British Film Designers Guild promotes community and excellence in Film and Television Art Departments. It was established over 75 years ago and has a membership of over 600 talented individuals who represent every level; those straight from education, to heads of department: Supervising Art Director, Set Decorator and Production Designer. The Guild empowers its members to be confident and united in excellence, sharing their creative visions. Helix Set Construction. Helix are celebrating 25 years of success by collaborating with BFDG to share our knowledge and experience with all Art Department crew. As the on site Set Construction Co at Indie-Zero Film Studios we are actively pursuing new, innovative, sustainable solutions for set construction in the screen industries industry. Indie-Zero Film Studios Indie-Zero Film Studios is a new, independently owned, innovative, Film Studio focussing on sustainability and technology within the screen industries. We are engaging directly with our communities to develop a cluster of high tech, highly skilled companies and freelancers in South and East London.