Production Design Week

Colombia: Exploring the Diversity of Territory Exhibition

Bogota, Colombia
October 26
19:30 – 23:00 COT
Cultural Diversity and Territory.

Colombia is a multicultural, multiethnic, and diversified country, where different cultures and ethnicities coexist and interact within the same territory. This diversity of knowledge and traditions. It is manifested through the different dialects, the wide gastronomic variety, the mixture of musical rhythms, the authenticity of the craftsmanship and the numerous festivities and rituals that celebrate the indigenous, Afro-Colombian, mestizo and European roots that are the Colombian cultural weave. This cultural mosaic is further enriched by the diversity of its ecosystems and the diversity of its plants and species, which end up shaping the tradition and idiosyncrasies of each region.

The main perspective of this event aims to visualize the vast Colombian territory and its cultural diversity, portrayed through local films that capture the essence of each region, and talk about the different populations, their society structure, and their cultural challenges.

Through different events, Colombian production designers seek to bring together and showcase the diverse views that the art departments have had about our country, likewise, reflect on our media impact on this territory.


Exploring the diversity of territory through the eyes of the production designer.

Colombian production designers find an endless source of inspiration in their territory and bring to life lots of diverse and unique visual worlds that help the preservation of memory and culture of their country during the process.

This exhibition is made up of different visual pieces that fulfill different purposes: A large-scale infographic in which we will show the six regions of Colombia (Caribbean, Insular, Andean, Pacific, Orinoquía and Amazonia) and we will locate the most visually representative films of each region, to obtain a general overview of the places we have inhabited with the camera.

A sample of 30 stills will highlight impressive images of Colombian cinema for each region, all from the perspective of the art department.

Also, we will have a collage of images from various productions by foreign filmmakers who have chosen Colombia as a multiverse location on Services.

Finally, we will have a video art installation whose purpose is to put into dialogue films that have been filmed in the same region, evidencing the different points of view on art and design approach on the same territory or story.

This event is open to the public.

Organized by Diego Garcia, Diana Trujillo, Sara Millán.

About the Organizer:

ATAAC is a non-profit civil association that brings together people who work in diferent roles within the audiovisual art department; some with extensive experience and others who are beginning their path in consolidating their career, It arises from the need to make our profession visible to the Industry and to recognize each other and exchange experiences, knowledge, and information about our craft.

IPDW Team:
Diego Garcia, Diana Trujillo, Sara Millán.

This event starts on October 26th and ends on October 28th