Production Design Week

Color Collaboration from Inspiration to Post

New York, USA
October 26
18:30 – 21:30 ET
Arri Rental
47-27 36th St, Queens, 11101 New York
Join us for an evening of all things color! Program will include a conversation between cinematographers, production designers and colorists, followed by time to mingle. Update: event in person is at capacity.

About the Organizer:

Lenses and Lampshades is a salon series bringing together production designers and cinematographers in conversation.

Cinematography Salon is an international community that loves all things related to cinematography, from new technologies to visual trends and best practices. We encourage lively discussions and foster a sense of togetherness around the craft. Plus, we love showcasing the amazing work created by our talented community. Together, we are celebrating cinematography.

The International Collective of Female+ Cinematographers (ICF*C) is a collective of professional female and nonbinary cinematographers from around the US and the world, who provide each other with community support and industry advocacy.