Production Design Week

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Reggio Calabria, Italy
October 24
16:00 – 18:00 CEST
6, Logoteta Street , 89125 Reggio Calabria

The A&C project was born in 2022 from the idea of a team of Architects/Production Designers who studied the movie shot in the Strait Area, between the two cities that overlook it, Reggio Calabria (Calabria) and Messina (Sicily), among these "The Godfather", to grasp the most significant elements for the recognition of their "image" as places intended for tourism.

The project was accepted by the Association of Architecture Organizations of Reggio Calabria (OAPPC), chaired by Ilario Tassone and, after participating in various events, it became itinerant in the territories to promote the architecture and landscape that distinguish a film and at the same time the transformation of places to make them become film sets entirely designed by the production designers.
The group, composed of the production designers Antonella Postorino, Lorenzo Martino Pio Massimo, Mariella Siclari and Salvatore Greco, represented at the OAPPC by Santina Dattola, Secretary of the OAPPC Council, and supported by two directors Giovanni Scarfò and Maurizio Paparazzo, built a itinerary relating films and places, settings and locations, stories and scenes.

At this event, as part of the IPDW, the group of production designers will talk about the experience gained in the field and will introduce a new phase which will affect the small historic villages and their potential in becoming natural sets in which to set the next movie.

The role of the production designers comes to the heart of the choices and destinations, becoming a driving force for the development and valorization of the territory that hosts the productions.

The event is aimed at an expert audience, but also at all lovers of Architecture and Cinema. An exhibition of the works produced will follow.

About the Organizer:

The Association of Architecture Organizations (OAPPC) is a member-based network that connects, supports and advocates for organizations and individuals devoted to advancing the role of architecture, planning, and design in service to society.