Production Design Week

Dissecting Horror: Designing for Maximum Impact

Toronto, Canada
October 21
11:00 – 12:30 PT
Al Green Theater
750 Spadina Ave, M5S 2J2 Toronto
Panelists discuss their work on horror films often creating visually heightened environments that keep the audience on their toes. Do these production designers work any differently from their normal process when working in the horror genre, or do they attack a project the same way every time? How do they work best with prosthetic artists, special effects and visual effects artists to create the look of the film? These questions and more will be explored.

Guests: Peter Mihaichuk (Thanksgiving), John Dondertman (Chucky)
Moderator: David Hackl

About the Organizer:

The CPD aims to advance the art and craft of production design across Canada.