Production Design Week

Education and Mentorship

New York, USA
October 28
10:30 – 12:00 ET
General Society of Mechanics
20 W 44th St., 10036 New York
United Scenic Artists Local 829 is proud to present a 2-day seminar dedicated to the art of production design. The event is free and open to USA 829 members - please RSVP to ensure your participation.

This opening panel is a conversation between designers and educators about production design education and mentorship.

Since the summer of 2020, education and mentorship has become a greater impetus among union membership to strengthen the craft of production design in film and television, as well as a force to strengthen diversity across the industry. This panel will host a group of designers, educators, and leaders in mentorship initiatives to discuss the current state of the craft, actionable means of involvement, and what lies on the horizon for change.

Current Panelists (Pending)

Jane Musky 
Jane Musky is a Production Designer in the Motion Picture industry. She has designed over 45 feature films as well as designing for television, commercials and theatre. She values the teaching and mentoring experience and among her various teaching assignments has taught design and technical theatre as an Artist in Residence for the State of New Jersey, Bard College, Montclair High School for the Performing Arts and Future 5, a mentoring program. She guest lectures frequently and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board at Boston University College of Fine Arts where she attended and received her BFA.

Judy Rhee 
Judy Rhee is a production designer who’s work includes Jessica Jones (Netflix) Better Call Saul (AMC) and Poker Face (Peacock.) Judy has also taught art direction and design at NYU Tisch, and work with the EtDM program.

Patrice Andrew Davidson 
Patrice Andrew Davidson has been in the Design industry since 1990. After he met his Design mentor in the early 90’s he went from Interior Design to
Entertainment Design. His mentor inspired him to give back to help foster a teaching mindset to the younger generation and to those that seek learning. Since the mid-90’s he has been involved with mentoring on all levels as a teaching artist. After spending more than 20 years in Theatre Design he moved onto to Film, Television and Entertainment Designs. His current focus
is now working in Film, Television and Event designs as a Production Designer, Set Designer, Art Director, Asst. Art Director, Scenic Artist.

Cheyenne Ford
Cheyenne Ford is a production whose work includes Shiva Baby (2022) and Story Ave. (2023.) Cheyenne is a EtDM mentor and also has been working on the development of ArtCraft NYC, an education workshop for new art department members set for summer of 2024.

About the Organizer:

Joshua is an NYC and LA based production designer for film and television, and mentor in the EtDM program since its inception in 2020.

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