Production Design Week

Film Industry Impact on Colombian Territory Roundtable

Bogota, Colombia
October 28
15:00 – 16:30 COT
Colombia: Cultural Diversity and Territory in Production Design*

Roundtable 3: Film Industry Impact on Colombian Territory

Film productions can become invasive when we approach a territory, impacting not only the landscape, but also the communities that are there settled and have not been touched by this industry. Likewise, our impact transcends geographical limits and shapes the perception that others may have on said territory.

This conversation will focus on the challenges and responsibilities we face as filmmakers when we approach the Location on a territory, as well as the impact that our actions and decisions have already caused.

This event is open to the public.

Organized by Diego Garcia, Diana Trujillo, Sara Millán.

About the Organizer:

ATAAC is a non-profit civil association that brings together people who work in different roles within the audiovisual art department; some with extensive experience and others who are beginning their path in consolidating their career, It arises from the need to make our profession visible to the Industry and to recognize each other and exchange experiences, knowledge, and information about our craft.

IPDW Team: Diego Garcia, Diana Trujillo, Sara Millán.