Production Design Week

From Sketch to Screen Roundtable

Paris, France
October 25
19:00 – 22:00 CEST
La Fémis Salle Renoir
6 rue Francoeur, 75018 Paris
A round table with production designers, illustrator, concept artists.

A drawing is a map on which all the information for the future set is designed: materials, shapes, depth, lights, but also furniture, objects, fabrics. All items can be read separately, and yet, the whole drawing is designing the set.

The relationship between the production designer and the draft person is very intimate: how to express an idea at its very beginning without enclosing it in a shape with to many details? How to make the drawing readable enough for the director? Which style will you need to express your idea? Each design has its own expression and style to make an imaginary world come true.

This event is open to public, production designers, students, and the general public.

About the Organizer:

ADC is the french association of production designers based in Paris. It gathers almost 80 production designers working either on feature or/and TV films. Among its goals stands the mission to spread and communicate the knowledge of our work.

La Fémis (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l’Image et du Son) is the French state film school under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is funded by the CNC (France’s National Centre of Cinematography and the Moving Image). The School’s core activity is training students on the various disciplines of film: directing, cinematography, producing, screenwriting for film and serie, editing, sound production, production design, continuity, distribution and cinema management. La Fémis has high record of achievement with regard to its alumni and students finding employment in the industry, as shown by the names regularly appearing in the credits of new film releases.