Production Design Week

Happy Production Designer Hour

Salvador, Brazil
October 27
18:00 – 00:00 BRT
Bar Velho Espanha
R. Gen. Labatut, 38 - Barris, 40070100 Salvador
Production designers, art teams and general public from Salvador - Bahia – Brazil will get together to exchange ideas, share stories, and strengthen bonds. A celebration of production design as is done in Bahia.

About the Organizer:

Collection of objects/props and workspace of Production Designer Carol Tanajura. It houses art department teams and other professionals in different phases of project development, serving as a place for studies and meetings, consultations with other film professionals, assistance and workshops. It’s also a space where courses and other cultural activities take place either being physically present or remotely, and an environment for audiovisual discussion and construction where creativity blooms.