Production Design Week

Location Scouting in focus

Hamburg, Germany
October 24
19:30 CET
filmfabrique Hamburg
Stockmeyerstraße 43, 20457 Hamburg
The panel will focus on the importance of the location scouting for the production designer. We want to get into discussion with Hamburg Location Scouts, talking about the influence of the location scouts not only for the production design, but also for the whole process of developing a movie. We will start with interviewing Hamburg locations scouts Nic Dietrich, John Kustendy and Robert Seemann with examples of their work and their way of working. This should lead us into a discussion about the following topics ( work in progress); How should the optimal workflow for Production Designers AND for the Location Scouts look like; What should a good briefing look like; Different ways of research - Photomaterial - Art - Literature - Film references; Creativity Producibility; Location Scouts as part of the creative team Location Management; pro and contra archive research driving around; being open / finding special places > seeing potential in unusual locations for the story of the film; on location studio; how to take optimal pictures of a location > what do Production Designers need; puzzle with locations > when is it necessary to split; being open and seeing the "magic" in an unusual location; Influence of the scouting on the feasibility and the production processes of the project. The event is open to Production Designers and Assistants, Location Scouts, Film Students (DoPs, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers).

About the Organizer:

Vicky von Minckwitz and Zazie Knepper are German Production Designers from Hamburg, working in film business for since over 20 years.

The VSK is an Association of Production Design and Costume Design professionals in Germany.