Production Design Week

Production Design and Audiovisual Narrative Formats

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 27
16:30 – 18:30 BRT
Ladeira da Glória, 26 - Glória, 22211-120 Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian audiovisual production is growing and diversifying every day, meeting different audience, market and exhibition demands. Faced with this scenario, the creative action of production design also diversifies in order to attend the specific needs of each product. The panel aims to debate the art team work in the different narrative formats of audiovisual content, such as films, tv shows, music videos and television, as well as provide discussion about the challenges, specificities and similarities involved in the creation, design and execution of production design in such formats.Composed of professionals working in the market, the panel will feature reports of experiences, case studies and dialogues between professionals. The panel will include:

- Elsa Romero: Production designer, set designer, visual artist. She graduated in Filmmaking from UFF and in Scenography from UNIRIO. Since 2008, she has been investigating the narratives of space through different aesthetic languages. In filmmaking, she was the art director on the feature films "Malu" (directed by Pedro Freire), "A Baleia" (directed by Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande), "A Herança" (directed by João Cândido Zacharias), "Sem Seu Sangue", by Alice Furtado, which premiered in 2019 at the Quinzena dos Realizadores, Cannes, among others.She was also production designer for the tv show "Anjo Loiro com Sangue no Cabelo" and "Décimo Andar", both for Canal Brasil. As a set designer, she has built the scenography for dozens of shows in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Lisbon, working with directors such as Diogo Liberano, Rodrigo Portella, Lola Árias and Victor Garcia Peralta, among others. She is currently studying for a master's degree in Ephemeral Architectures and Temporary Spaces at Elisava in Barcelona.

- Flávia Yared has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Paraná. Specialist in Architecture and Scenography at the École d'Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand, France. Specialist in Art and Philosophy at PUC-RJ. Master in Philosophy from PUC-RJ. PhD student in Performing Arts at ECO-UFRJ. She has worked in Art Direction and Set Design for 20 years.She has worked in film, theater and television. As a set designer, she took part in several TV Globo programs, including the series "Filhos da Pátria 2", the comedy show "Tá no Ar", the tv show "A Formula" and the soap opera "Avenida Brasil". As production designer, she signed the feature film "Curitiba Zero Grau" and the short film "".

- Joana Mureb is a production designer with a degree in design from Puc-Rio and has been working in the Brazilian audiovisual market since 1998. She began her career on the feature film "Central do Brasil" and went on to work in the art department on several feature films, among them: "Dois Filhos de Francisco" by Breno Silveira, "Cazuza" by Sandra Werneck, "Lisbela e o Prisioneiro" by Guel Arraes, "A Dona da História" by Daniel Filho, "A Suprema Felicidade" by Arnaldo Jabor and "O Homem do Ano" by José Henrique Fonseca.As production designer, she signed on the following projects: "Ela disse, Ele disse" by Claudia Castro; "Legalize Já" by Johnny Araújo and Gustavo Bonafé, "Um Homem Só" by Claudia Jouvin. On television, he has been art director on fiction projects such as "Me Chama de Bruna" (FOX, 4th season), "Homens?" (Amazon/Comedy central, 1st and 2nd seasons), variety series such as "Tempero de Família" (GNT, 2nd season) and "Perto do Fogo" (GNT) and has been in charge of art design for "Greg news" since the 3rd season.

- Carol Agyar is a 29 years old black woman, mother and wife. Daughter of a teacher mother and merchant and a self-taught artist father. She has a degree in History from UFRJ, has been a cultural producer since 2014 and production designer since 2018. She has worked with the creation of visual works by great vanguard artists and also with new exponents of Brazilian culture, such as: Martinho da Vila, Chico César, Zezé Motta, Sandra Sá, Luedji Luna, YOÙN, BK, FP do Trem Bala, among others.Within the advertising market, she has worked on transgressive projects with an eye for new narratives, working for brands such as Cacildis, Kenner, Coca Cola, Salon Line, Hering, L'oréal and Embelleze.Following the mission of their ancestors to innovate and inspire through their vision, she seeks to challenge "traditional" cinematographic/cultural production.

- Iolanda Teixeira is an architect with a degree from UFF, she has been working in the audiovisual market since 2004. Much of her professional experience comes from set design, having taken part in productions such as "Tropa de elite 2", "Faroeste Caboclo", "Getúlio", "Minha fama de mau", "Todo dia a mesma noite", among many others.In 2016 she began production designing feature films such as "Antes Que Eu Me Esqueça", "Reação em Cadeia", "O Livro dos Prazeres" and "Juntos e Enrolados", as well as TV programs. she Idealized and launched the book "O Rio Que Eu Piso", in 2007, about the Portuguese stone sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro.

About the Organizer:

Brada is a collective of Women Production Designers of Brazil founded in 2020 and since then has brought together over 150 women from different regions of the country. The desire and need for collaboration and community led to the formation of the group. The members have a common interest in researching, discussing and promoting the importance of production design in the Brazilian and international spheres, with the goal of seeking equity, solidarity and cooperation in the audiovisual industry. In 3 years, Brada has articulated a series of initiatives dedicated to advocating for the recognition, visibility and appreciation of production design in the construction of visual storytelling, such as roundtable discussions, festival awards, as well as educational and research activities.