Production Design Week

Production Design and the Art Department

Brasília, Brazil
October 27
10:00 BRT
Faculty of Communication at UNB, DF, Brazil
FAC - Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro ICC Norte - Asa Norte, 70910-900 Brasília
Panel discussion among various professionals to address the composition of an art department, workflow processes, and the relationships between different crafts in the making of a film.

The conversation will feature Maíra Carvalho (production designer), Claudia Wilgen (costume designer), Ana Pieroni (makeup artist), Bruno Antunes (props master), Marcos Tibery (art assistant), and Walisson Barros (stagehand). The debate will be moderated by Mariana Souto, professor at the University of Brasília and also a production designer.

The discussion aims to shed light on lesser-known and underapreciated roles within the art department. Each guest will have the opportunity to discuss their roles and responsibilities, creative processes, and work methods, offering different perspectives to the audience.

The event is free and open to students, film professionals, people interested in cinema and production design, general public.

Event organizers: Maíra Carvalho and Mariana Souto. Diálogos do Audiovisual Project (UnB).

About the Organizer:

Brada is a collective of Women Production Designers of Brazil founded in 2020 and since then has brought together over 150 women from different regions of the country. The desire and need for collaboration and community led to the formation of the group. The members have a common interest in researching, discussing and promoting the importance of production design in the Brazilian and international spheres, with the goal of seeking equity, solidarity and cooperation in the audiovisual industry. In 3 years, Brada has articulated a series of initiatives dedicated to advocating for the recognition, visibility and appreciation of Production Design in the construction of visual storytelling, such as roundtable discussions, festival awards, as well as educational and research activities.