Production Design Week

Production Design in Japan: Documentaries

October 20
10:00 JST
The Association of Production Designers in Japan will be streaming videos created especially for International Production Design Week. The videos will be followed by online sessions with Japanese production designers during IPDW.

The videos are 'Rashomon Revival - Making of Miniature Rashomon Gate', 'Art Dept. Crew Training Workshop - Studios in Kyoto', 'Art Dept. Crew Training Workshop - Construction, Scenic art and Sign shop in Kyoto' and 'What is A Production Designer'. The videos have English subtitles.

About the Organizer:

The Association of Production Designers in Japan, established 80 years ago, aims at improving the public recognition of Production Designers and developing their status as well as improving the quality of Japanese films. It also holds Film Art staff training classes on a regular basis as learning opportunities for people who want to enter the film art field.