Production Design Week

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Screening with Katie Byron

Lisbon, Portugal
October 24
15:00 CET
Sala Fernando Lopes, Universidade Lusofona
Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 Lisbon
A screening of the film 'Don't Worry Darling', followed by a conversation with production designer Katie Byron about the film's design of a utopian experimental community.

The event is open to students, designers and colleagues, and will be followed by a social meetup. RSVP and more details to follow.

Katie Byron is a production designer for film and television based in Lisbon, Portugal. She began her studies at UC Berkeley in architecture but quickly realized her interest in space and design was more aligned with storytelling and the events that take place and alter a space. This lead to a natural transition into film and interactive installation art. Her upbringing in literature, writing, music and travel has played a huge role in her development as a collaborator and creator, believing that it's the extracurricular involvements we have that are the biggest influence on work. It’s the adventures we go on and the people we meet that breathe fresh ideas continually into a visual world.

Experience working in Southern and Northern California, New Mexico, Minneapolis, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Colombia, Barcelona, Lisbon, Manchester, London, Iceland, Cape Town, Shanghai, Singapore, Japan and Australia Member of the Art Director's Guild Local 800 (LA) and the British Film Designer’s Guild.

About the Organizer:

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