Production Design Week

Prop Masters and Buyers Panel

October 25
19:00 CET
Foro de Regiduría: La regidora, el regidor constituye un puesto fundamental dentro del Departamento de Arte. Es el responsable de encontrar y proveer el atrezo necesario para el rodaje y muchas más cosas que nos ilustrarán nuestros compañeros.

The “regidor”: Prop Master/Prop buyer? Constitutes a fundamental position within the Art Department. She/ he is responsible for finding and providing the necessary props for shooting and many more things that our colleagues will illustrate to us.

Panelist: Tino Torrescusa, Iñaki Bruña, Iñaki Rubio, Leticia Rivillas, Virgilio Esteban and Carmen Agulló

The event is free and open to art department members, students, guild members and general public.

About the Organizer:

Asociación Española de Dirección Artística Audiovisual
Our Association has just been established. It is a non-profit organization committed to raising the profile of the members of the Art Department, contributing to visualize their work and skills and encouraging and supporting new practitioners. Among our many purposes we will exchange experiences and expectations with our members and with other international associations. As well as generate and participate in events where the work of the Art Department is highlighted. We will not rest until the audiovisual industry in the first place and all those who enjoy our work in general, can understand and appreciate the knowledge, wisdom and enormous work behind it.