Production Design Week

Sketch Me If You Can: A Global Gathering of Sketchers

October 29
10:00 – 18:00 EDT
As the curtains close on the inaugural International Production Design Week, we invite you to join us for an 8-hour informal sketch session on Zoom. We aim to create a virtual space where ideas know no bounds and inspiration flows freely. This event will welcome you to come and go as you please, allowing the flexibility that suits your schedule and accommodates a large number of global time zones. We'll provide a single-word abstract prompt and the rest is up to you. The canvas is yours to explore.

Amidst strokes of imagination, "Sketch Me If You Can" will serve as a global congregation of like-minded sketchers. Connect with old friends, forge new friendships, and share your reflections on the whirlwind week that has just passed. It's more than an art session; it's a celebration of the artistic spirit that unites us across borders and time zones. Designed to accommodate sketchers from every corner of the globe, this event will transcend geographical boundaries. It's an opportunity for artists of all backgrounds and experiences to unite, celebrate diversity, and collectively give life to a singular prompt in countless forms.

Whether you're an accomplished artist or a novice with a passion for sketching, "Sketch Me If You Can" invites you to immerse yourself in a world of limitless creativity, where your imagination is the only limit. Join us for a day of artistry, camaraderie, and boundless inspiration as we sketch our way to the culmination of the International Production Design Week.

About the Organizer:

Alexander Whittenberg is an Atlanta based Production Designer and member of ADG-800.
T.V. Alexander is a NYC based Production Designer.
Anka Eberhard is a Munich based Production Designer.
Boryana Ilieva is a Sofia, Bulgaria based Architect and Painter.