Production Design Week

A Little Get-Together

Munich, Germany
October 21
19:00 – 22:00 CET
Minna Thiel, outside HFF
Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1, 80333 Munich
This get-together is planned to connect students of the HFF (School of Television and Film) Munich and people from the art department and costume department.

The HFF doesn´t currently have production design or costume design as part of their curriculum, we wish to change this in the future. We want to make it easier for students to connect to art department people and learn more about our craft and maybe even show us how and why production and costume matter for their projects - and what is better than doing this by having a drink together outside of classes, projects and pressure. The goal here is to start an active discourse on the topic by adding the voice of students and their ideas into the mix.

About the Organizer:

Both Marlen and Ann-Kathrin did study production design at Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, even though they finished quite a few years apart. They both think a film school needs production and costume design as part of the study program, as they are important in the making of any film.

The VSK (Verband für Szenen-und Kostümbild) is the German Association for costume and production design, which is connecting us and also advocating for more visibility and recognition of our departments.