Production Design Week

The Potluck Brunch

Brussels, Belgium
October 26
11:00 – 15:00 CET
A Film House
Avenue Limbourg 45, 1070 Brussels
Art department, costume and make up/hair film professionals

An informal meet up with art department, costume and make up/hair professionals based in Belgium. Flemish, French and English speaking colleagues reunite to enjoy a brunch and a conversation around forming a larger community where we can all inspire and support each other. We will cover topics such as co-productions in Belgium, language on set and diversity.
Register before 24/October
Feel free to bring a pie, a soup, a dish, a piece of bread, a spread...
Drinks on the host!

About the Organizer:

Natalia Treviño is a production designer and prop master based in Brussels, Belgium.
In A Film House we welcome under our roof uncommon voices looking for new ways of expression, aiming for audiences all around the world, is a place for ideas and dreams, a home for unique author-driven projects and visual storytellers.