Production Design Week

The Production Design in Michelangelo Antonioni’s films

São Paulo, Brazil
October 23
19:00 – 21:00 BRT
Cinemateca Brasileira
Largo Senador Raul Cardoso, 207, 04021-070 São Paulo
Michelangelo Antonioni is a filmmaker who notably focuses on spaces in his films, be they interiors or natural and urban landscapes, which are part of his recognized architectural sensibility. The proposal of this panel is to invite an architect, a production designer, moderated by another production designer, to debate the design of the director's work. From his Italian movies and those produced in England and the United States. This panel will be a partnership with São Paulo International Film Festival, which this year pays tribute to Antonioni.

Guests: Guilherme Wisnik, Associate Professor and Vice-director of FAUUSP; Laura Carvalho, production designer. Mediator: Carla Caffé, artist, production designer, art director, and teacher.

Event organizers: Carla Caffé and Laura Carvalho

About the Organizer:

Brada is a collective of Women Production Designers of Brazil founded in 2020 and since then has brought together over 150 women from different regions of the country. The desire and need for collaboration and community led to the formation of the group. The members have a common interest in researching, discussing and promoting the importance of Production Design in the Brazilian and international spheres, with the goal of seeking equity, solidarity and cooperation in the audiovisual industry. In 3 years, BRADA has articulated a series of initiatives dedicated to advocating for the recognition, visibility and appreciation of Production Design in the construction of visual storytelling, such as roundtable discussions, festival awards, as well as educational and research activities.

Mostra – São Paulo International Film Festival (Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo – in Portuguese) was established in 1977. During the festival’s days, that is held usually in October, hundreds of movies created by filmmakers from different countries, are screened. The films are screened in various halls around the city in cultural centers, cinemas, and museums.