Production Design Week

Pizzasztikus Találkozó – Sharing bites!

Budapest, Hungary
October 21
20:00 – 00:00 CET
Zsiráf Buda
Kis Rókus utca 2-4., Budapest II. kerület, 1024 Budapest
An informal pizza party to kick off IPDW and network with other art department members in Budapest. Share the view, share a pie, share your mind!

About the Organizer:

Filmes Tervezö Koalíció is a cooperative of international designers and visual storytellers based in Budapest, Hungary. We strive to engage and invest in the incredible art department talent Hungary has to offer, ensuring that discussions are offered focussing on key issues facing the modern art department, from sustainability and green production to digital responsibility in design and mental health awareness. Through social events and panels, we hope to provide access to peer-to-peer support and industry wide conversations affecting the film and television industry.